Golf For Cause

LPGA Co-Founder Marilynn Smith and Debbie Waitkus

Turn Golf Into Gold®

Driving better business opportunities, especially for women, through
the world’s most popular game

Golf Consulting Services for Your Business Goals

Turn Golf Into Gold®

Golf for Cause is a consultancy—developing strategies to accomplish goals by incorporating golf through speaking programs, book signings and custom golf events. How can we help you Turn Golf Into Gold®?

Golf For Cause

Women and Golf

My belief is this: women don’t need golf to further personal and professional relationships with women. In my experience, women are expert organizers and networkers and do just fine in this regard without needing golf in the equation. But the gift golf gives to women is that it enables them to engage with men in an environment that welcomes and encourages promoting business connections—an environment in which women are part of the conversation and share with their male counterparts everything from engaging and strategic discussions to the simple banter and camaraderie of friendship.

For example, I co-founded "Take Time For Nine" (TTFN), a weekly 9-hole outing with the intention of creating a fun, no-stress environment for women and men to play golf together and to advance potential business relationships. I wanted women to learn, as I had, that golf is an incredible business tool, and being able to play with men is a great door opener. Many business deals get done as a result of TTFN’s weekly outings, and lifelong friendships form easily and effortlessly. It is truly a comfortable environment.

I am excited that many new women are coming to this great game and adding it to their lifestyle choices. I want everyone to remember that golf is and should be an inclusive sport that women and men can enjoy together, Turning Golf into Gold®.

I Could Turn Golf Into Gold!

I had barely started playing the game, but I had a trophy for being a member of the winning team in the women’s division of the Mortgage Brokers Spring Golf Tournament. Yes, we were the only women’s team in the tournament, but that golf trophy rendered immediate benefits. The message was clear. I could turn golf into gold!

Golf for Cause®

Since launching Golf for Cause®, I have advocated that “golf can bring gold into your life” regardless of how well you play, and even if you don’t play. But, the gold I speak of is not just monetary. It is friendships, forwarding relationships, team building, client development, outreach, and, yes, even the $5 bet! It is quality time with people you care about. It’s a way to connect with nature. It is healthy. It’s a vehicle for going to places you never thought you’d go and to meet new people. Everyone defines the gold a bit differently—yet, the bottom line is—golf is an amazing connector and enriches your life.

Golf For Cause